Will Luciano Spalletti remain in the future of Inter? The elimination of the Champions League, especially how it happened with the team unable to beat the already eliminated PSV at home, still hurts and it may also start the process of finding a new coach.

Andrea Sorrentino, Repubblica journalist, accuses Spalletti of a series of bad bets, especially three: 

“Let’s go back. Spalletti lost his bet on Candreva: after a long period on the bench, the Italian failed. Then there is also the huge bet lost on Nainggolan. Spalletti desperately wanted to make the leap in quality but the Belgian has been drowning in injuries since July. Another lost bet concerns Ivan Perisic. The Croatian was held back in every way possible in order not to make him join Manchester United. Perisic was reluctant to do it and so far in the first three months of the season, the Croatian has been one less man for Inter.”

And the future? Giuseppe Marotta is coming and the rumors are already flying like crazy.

“These will be tense days before Inter-Udinese. It will be difficult to restart with momentum. The voices and names for the Inter bench will start because Marotta is here and we will certainly start talking about the future. And the future, according to some, is named Antonio Conte. Obviously talking about a coaching change right now is premature. Spalletti is not at risk right now as everything will be discussed at the end of the season. It is better now for Inter to focus on Serie A and to avoid other distractions, other collapses even if the thought of PSV will continue to linger and does not give sweat memory. But in the league in which the maximum goal is to reach fourth place, Inter can and must play a leading role. Logic imposes, the fans want it, the club leadership demands it. All are warned.”

Source: Repubblica

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2018/12/12/repubblica-with-giuseppe-marotta-antonio-conte-is-concrete-name-for-the-future