Speaking to the media exclusively on the topic of stadium, Milan president Paolo Scaroni stresses the importance of making enough money to be competitive.

“I would like to draw you a logical path that Inter and Milan are going through. To win in the world of football, you need good players that are expensive and so you need profits. With Financial Fair Play, the owner cannot sign checks anymore and so you need revenues. Our revenues are at a standstill, Milan had €203M in revenues in 2003, 15 years ago. Real Madrid are approaching €1B and to get there, we have to take the same path: we need an efficient stadium, one that is not only for watching the matches. 

“At the Bernabeu, there are 7 restaurants working 7 days a week. We have to go with this path by providing ourselves a modern building where fans can go and do their shopping. We will have higher revenues and maybe one day we can win back the Champions League. Inter and Milan are allies, working together in this project: having a stadium for two makes a lot of sense economically and this is assessment is done by consultants all over the world. 

“Can the San Siro be renovated? Theoretically it could be. What would hold us back is that we (Inter and Milan) would go play games in Parma, Verona or Varese. This is the dilemma. The idealogical dispute of the San Siro won’t take us anywhere. I do not rule out the possibility of leaving the San Siro.”

Source: FCIN

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/3/29/milan-president-on-stadium-you-need-good-players-who-are-expensive-to-win-our-revenues-remain-unchanged-in-15-years-while-real-madrid-are-approaching-1b