Speaking to the Corriere dello Sport, Nainggolan talks about the relationship with former Roma director Monchi and the much discussed exchange with Nicolo Zaniolo last summer.

“I had an open relationship with Monchi. He often brought together the 6-7 most representative players and we talked about how to do best for the club and the team. I felt like an important player. But then I found out some of the things he had been saying about me and I didn’t like it. Three days after leaving Roma, the club that he claimed to be in love with, he already had a deal to return to Sevilla. To me, this says a lot…

“Without Monchi, theoretically, I could still have been there or even in another team because maybe Roma wanted to send me elsewhere. But my destination (Inter) was chosen by me because Spalletti pushed hard for me and this was the right decision.”

Does it bother you to have many negative judgements about the operation that brought you to Inter and Zaniolo to Roma?

“It is not a problem for me because everyone has his own career path. I have 10 years playing at high level, 9 of them are very good and this year it is just so-so. He has played 20 games in Serie A, 18 of which are good. It is normal that people speak well of young players who have everything on a silver platter whereas before you had to do more, to show more, just to play in Serie B. I am happy for him and I wish him the best because I am not envious of anyone. I think about my own career and that’s it. It is easy to have one good season but let’s see in 10 years…”

Source: CdS

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